Off The Ground Media

OTGM logo still 2014 06 27The current donor environment and funding opportunities for educational communication is challenging. As such, CMT has embarked on a sustainability plan for core organisational costs by forming a commercial PTY Company.

Over the past couple of years CMT has experienced severe funding cuts and opportunities for new long term grants have decreased significantly. In addition, many donors and funders cover little or no core costs to support finance, human resources and strategic planning costs – prefer to spend on project specific activity costs. This is making it increasingly difficult to retain core and support staff responsible for the day to day operations at CMT.

In light of these financial implications, CMT has started a PTY company called Off the Ground Media (OTGM). OTGM is a commercial media production entity which will secure work in the commercial media sector. OTGM will provide services in television production, radio and web based media. OTGM will not secure work for advertising alcohol, tobacco, junk food or short-term loans, because this is in direct conflict with CMT’s mandate and main purpose of business.

CMT is the only shareholder of OTGM, and any profit made by OTGM will be returned to CMT in the form of dividends which will be used to maintain and assist with core cost expenditure.

Visit the Off The Ground Media website.