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Radio has the widest reach of all channels of mass communication in South Africa. The largest radio station in the country is Ukhozi FM which has an audience reach of 7.6 million listeners a week and covering all of KZN. The use of radio allows for large reach at a low production cost and is highly segmented across language, age and gender. 

The rapid assessment results showed that young women and their partners enjoy and listen to radio dramas. Thus, CMT produced a Zithande radio drama. Each of the 8 episodes was 3-4 minutes long and dealt with issues affecting young women aged 15-25 and their partners and influencers in their communities. Each episode dealt with a specific message and focused on issues such as testing for HIV, fear of using the clinics, unwanted pregnancy, adherence to medication, gender-based violence, mental health or depression and economic empowerment for young women. The drama was well received and broadcast on both regional and community radio stations in isiZulu.