CMT provides one-day trainings on exclusive breastfeeding and handwashing with soap – 2 key initiatives that have proven to have a significant impact on improving child health outcomes. The training is targeted at frontline workers such as community health workers, community caregivers, home-based carers etc. The interactive training teaches proper techniques for handwashing with soap and how to make a tippy tap, while the component on exclusive breastfeeding provides detailed information on the health benefits of exclusive breastfeeding and discussion on the challenges that can be faced and how to overcome them.

CMT’s long history as grassroots activists for HIV has resulted in significant institutional knowledge and training expertise on all elements of HIV / AIDS. CMT has developed the Health Literacy Series, a set of DVDs, printed flipcharts and manual that deals with all aspects of HIV. While no longer funded to provide this training free of charge, CMT can provide health literacy training for a fee. See the Resources tab for more detail on the Health Literacy Series.