Current Projects

Counter Culture is an edgy and entertaining 13-part documentary series exploring mainstream society’s counter cultures. Fascinating groups of people open up about their alternative lifestyle choices. Counter cultures explored in the show range from naturists, drag queens, bodybuilders and more. We film ordinary people with extraordinary passions. Counter Culture seeks to entertain while at the same time offers an eye-opening view into different lifestyles that many people are not even aware of. Executive Producer, Lucilla Blankenberg, feels that the show will go a long way to debunking many myths and stereotypes that people have about ‘the other’. Counter Culture is broadcasted on SABC 3 on Sunday nights at 21h00.

Siyayinqoba is one of the best-known health brands in the country and has a national footprint. Siyayinqoba is on its 9th series and consistently gets a viewership of a million people per episode. Siyayinqoba is unique because of its training of community journalists who find and report on stories that are often not covered in mainstream media.

Siyayinqoba is a 13 part series consisting of 12-minute biographical stories focusing on the health and well-being of girls and young women. Issues covered include menstruation issues, gender-based violence and achieving financial independence. Siyayinqoba Season 9 will be broadcast on SABC 1 from 6 October.